As the internet grows as an everyday tool, someone will inevitably use it for nefarious means. We discuss crimes that could have only happened in the information age as people took things away from cyberspace and brought them into the lifeworld.


Thursday Sep 19, 2019

The Lizard Squad involves neither lizards nor squads...It does involve black hat hackers, DDOS attacks, and other bad online behavior.   All sources:

Thursday Sep 05, 2019

The lives of 15-year-old hacker extraordinaire Ian Restril and 25-year-old journalist Stephen Glass intersected in 1998, in a particularly unusual manner.All sources:

Thursday Aug 15, 2019

Kevin Mitnick was not the first hacker, nor did he make the most money. But he was one of the earliest, and the ending of his story might mean he was one of the most successful.All sources:

Thursday Aug 01, 2019

Carolyn Owlett, an original member of the British girl group The 411, found herself the target of an unusual case of identity fraud / catfishing / potential obsession. What was it, really?And who, exactly, is our new announcer??All sources:

Friday Jul 05, 2019

Courtney and Steven Allen, a married couple from the pacific northwest just trying to live their lives while unwinding with some online games. They found themselves making a new friend online, through Todd Zonis, before facing the reality of what trouble that could bring. In this case we cover online friendships, cyber harassment, and revenge porn. All sources:

Friday Jul 05, 2019

Belle Gibson, a social chameleon that overcame the hand that she was dealt in life. A source of inspiration in how to better oneself, until it's found that they aren't. In our first case we look at how someone was able to use social media to create an empire of self help, before the truth brought everything crashing down. All sources:

Friday Jul 05, 2019

Kate (Ignorance Was Bliss) and Derek (Rolling Misadventures) decide to take a look at crimes that could have only happened with the invention of the internet. They discuss the premise of doing a true crime podcast that focuses more on the tech side of life and how they want to approach cases that are less centered around murder. All sources:

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